Ana Cruz

Ana Cruz

“promoter” “photographer” “cultivar” “graphic designer” – Liar


Ana holds a Master’s in over hyping her abilities and making claims than cannot be proven. She is passionate about calling people “unprofessional”, “sexist”, “racist” and “homophobic”.

She currently manages WGT Clones. She has previously managed WGT, and spent a time on the board of the Canna Blossom Festival before being voted off the board by the majority vote. Whom she later sued to prevent the event from happening.

Originally from Brazil. Family in the F.B.I., or so she claims.

WGT (We Grow Together) 1.0
Ana convinced someone to partner up with her in a clone sales business. When it came time to part ways because of their differences she claimed she owned WGT and all the property. The property being unknown at this point because she never provided a list of what that was. All money earned was being split 30/30/40, Ana/Partner/WGT reinvest. Over the whole time the first edition of WGT’s existence Ana struggled with her cloning skills and issues with bugs on her plants. This caused her to barely be able to provide clones to sell at events. At most 4-8 clones were provided by her.

MISFIT Lighting
The reasons for this downfall are unknown.

Canna Blossom Festival
Previously VA Commonwealth Cup

Witness 1: Ana and her business partner from WGT were both on the board of the VA Commonwealth Cup. After the final crash and burn of WGT where Ana exploded on her partner and in the presence another board member, 2 of the original 6 opted to not work with Ana due to her ethics and behavior. When that became known to Ana’s partner, they also decided to leave the board. These three board members abandoned all invested funds and all potential profit.

Witness 2:

Masquerade Farms
Reports are that Ana bought her way in, and then started making demands. Shortly after she was refunded her buy in and was told she was no longer in.

Reports unconfirmed, witness statements incoming.

The latest collaboration attempt. Will this one work? I doubt it.


A.K.A : We Grow Together
Richmond, VA

Misfit Lighting
Richmond, VA

VA Commonwealth Cup
Richmond, VA

Canna Blossom Festival
Social Media and Promotions
Richmond, VA

WGT 2.0
Owner? Partner?
Richmond, VA

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Ana is always available for back stabbing collaborators and blaming others for why she can’t do what she claimed she could do. If you want to chat about her accountant, lawyer, raves she claims to of promoted/DJ’d or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out. Good luck and protect your neck!


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