Seedsman Blueberry

I can’t say enough about this strain. It was one of the first I grew and will now be always be a part of my rotation.

The heavy dense nugs are solid like a rock, even the first ones I grew when I was learning were hearty. You can drop a dried nug on the table and hear it thunk when it hits.

It has a sweet smell to it while flowering. A member will be adding his first smoke report on this strain soon and I will have more details.

The genetics of this strain are strong and can handle anything. I have never had a problem with it when growing. I recommend it to everyone I speak to that asks what they should grow for a first. It grew so well when I was learning I thought I was either awesome at growing or extremely lucky. Well it turns out it was probably 10% grower effort and 90% Seedsman genetics.

sseedsman Blueberry

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