Breeder Shoot Out

Breeder Shoot Out

Breeder VS Breeder

Strain Choices from High Times top 25

  1. OG Kush (open vs open)
  2. Original Haze, a.k.a. Nevil’s Haze (open vs open)
  3. Sour Diesel (open vs open)
  4. Super Silver Haze (open vs open)
  5. Chem Dog (open vs open)
  6. Super Lemon Haze (open vs open)
  7. Northern Lights #5 (open vs open)
  8. Bruce Banner #3 (open vs open)
  9. Blueberry (open vs open)
  10. Skunk #1 (open vs open)
  11. Breeder Select vs Breeder Select, unlisted strain (open vs open)


  • Growers to be selected from nominated grower list.
  • Growers can only be picked from Instagram test growers the breeder already uses.
  • Matching strain, example Blueberry vs Blueberry etc.
  • Strain to be chosen by breeder, first 5 breeders in get to pick the strains, second 5 pick who they are against, round 2 picks will be decided by winning weight in order.
  • Winning breeder moves on to compete on the next level
  • Breeder’s grower nomination may not grow for the breeder that nominates them.

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