Caring for your Clone!

The clones you are receiving are cuttings that have been rooted in Riot plugs and potted up in solo cups in a sterile coco growing media. Clones should be transplanted once roots emerge from the pot and watered with a distilled water source. If you are going to use tap water, we suggest that you have it tested to understand the mineral/chemical
content as well as the pH. The clones are treated with neem oil (an OMRI-listed fungicide which may leave white residue on leaves). Once clones are transplanted and watered into soil for about a week, you can begin to feed them with fertilizers, teas
or whichever nutrient technique you choose to employ.

PH 6.0-6.5 while still in the coco.

Feed on every watering.

Water until there is run off.

•Plan for a safe, healthy transfer to your Home Grow:
have some sort of box or packaging to keep your clones
safe during transport. Make sure your car is properly heated
or cooled – young clones can easily dry out in hot
weather or “flash freeze” during the winter months.
Try to avoid making extra stops on the way home.
Inspect the roots as soon as you get home.
Your clone may have varying degrees of rootedness
from just starting to bursting out of the pot.
•FEED YOUR CLONE. Our clones are potted in coco, not soil.
This means if you are not fertilizing your clone, it is
not feeding. If you plan on growing in a water-only living soil
you will need to pot-up your clone right away.
•Keep your clone under at least 18 hours/day of light.
Even a florescent light produces enough light for
photosynthesis at this stage. You do not want to “flip” your
clone to flower (12 hours of light/12 hours of darkness)
until it is fully grown. Even very young cannabis plants
are sensitive to changes in photoperiod.
•Spend time getting to know your clone. Inspect it daily.
Understand how it responds to watering events. Does it
seem to want more airflow? Less? Plants have much to teach
us once we slow down and listen.
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🚫 Don’ts
•Leave your clone in your car on a hot/freezing day.
•Set it and forget it. Young clones need daily inspection. Look over the leaves, roots, stem.
•Water-only your clone in its 4” pot. Whether you are using liquid organics or soluble salts, your clone is a baby and like all babies it wants to FEED.
•Put your clone unattended on a windowsill. You’ll get fluctuations in light, temperature and relative humidity this way. At the very least, leave it under a florescent light bulb where temperatures and humidity are constant.
•Forget to have FUN! Growing cannabis is good for the soul!

Clone Return Policy:
We do not offer returns or credits for clone purchases. Once the clone is inspected at the time of sale, deemed acceptable, and purchased, it becomes the property of the buyer. W.G.T is not responsible for failed clones –please inspect your clones carefully!

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