Stages of Growth – Flowering

Flowering: the most exciting and seemingly the longest stage. I cannot repeat this next line enough. As stated by much wiser growers than me: Wait equals weight! I’ll be speaking on photo plants as that is what I know best and prefer. Once you change your light schedule to 12/12 (12 hours on, 12 hoursContinue reading “Stages of Growth – Flowering”

One man’s trash is another man’s hash

This post is dedicated to a friend(lets call him Bob until I have permission to use a different name) that doesn’t listen to me 100%. That is a good thing as you will see. He has done things differently than I and has come up with good results. He learns from me, and I learnContinue reading “One man’s trash is another man’s hash”

Size does actually matter

(when choosing a container for your plants) When you have a small grow area, the logical thought would be the smaller the containers the more plants you can fit in the tent. While this is true, the actual size of the plant and amount of yield produced by the plant will be compromised without enoughContinue reading “Size does actually matter”

Stages of Growth, Vegetative Stage

Once transplanted you will want to decide if you will be topping and training your plants. I usually trim off the branches at the first node when the plants are 5-7 weeks old. They always seem thin and weak and tend to underperform unless defoliated. If you plan on topping (which is cutting the topContinue reading “Stages of Growth, Vegetative Stage”

Stages of Growth, Seedling

The seedling stage is different for photo plants than it is for autos. For autos you should plant the germinated seed directly into the final pot and avoid transplanting. For photo plants if you followed the germination directions in the previous post you now have a sprout in a solo cup. As the plant growsContinue reading “Stages of Growth, Seedling”

Stages of Growth, Germination

The stages of growth for your plant are Germination, Seedling, Vegetative and Flowering. My next few articles will be on these stages individually. Some would include Harvest but I believe that needs its own section. The first stage, in my opinion, is planning and buying quality seeds. However we will stay focused on actual seedContinue reading “Stages of Growth, Germination”

Your First Plant, planning for success.

For a successful first plant, your journey should begin with education and planning. Yes, you can jump right in and throw money at it and figure out the plan later, but most of us don’t want to spend it if we don’t have to. Here are a few things you need to think about beforeContinue reading “Your First Plant, planning for success.”