Peyote Wifi

Peyote Wi-Fi is an indica-dominant cross of WiFi (The White x Fire OG) and Peyote Purple (selected Bubba Kush pheno-type). It has a typically indica structure and is a medium-sized plant with big, broad leaves which produces large crops both indoors and outdoors. It boasts very high THC levels and is a big resin producer.Continue reading “Peyote Wifi”

The Delicious Peyote WiFi ❤

Peyote WiFi is one of my favorite smokes! It is considered “mostly indica” and is a photo plant. Super frosty and sticky, citrus smell and beautiful dark leaves, almost deep purple when harvest time comes. The effects after smoking are good for those with body pain, and you can still function doing daily activities. YouContinue reading “The Delicious Peyote WiFi ❤”