I belive I am a better grower than website designer.

I have been growing for five years. I started much like everyone else, miracle grow soil, bag seeds, a cheap led light off of amazon, and no idea what I was doing. Those first two plants turned out to both be males. While I wasn’t happy about it I knew from then on what a male looks like and will never have any doubt about them again.

Very soon after those plants I invested in a 4x2x5 tent, two mars hydro burple lights and a 4″ fan and filter. I also got fabric pots and fox farm soil. With a new found knowledge and these tools I set out on the endless journey of indoor growing. While I was growing those males, I decided that I wanted quality seeds. I looked and looked until I found a seed bank and breeder that had everything I could ever want. I chose Seedsman Seeds. I knew they were international and knew how long customs can take, so I ordered and put it out of my mind as much as I could. The seeds came and I had killed off the males and started germination of some of my first feminized seeds.

Now I know I may sound like a Seedsman Seeds advertiser or a shill (I am an affiliate) most of the time but I don’t care. They stand behind their products and the products of other breeders. A new grower that I was advising recently bought from Seedsman but bought a different breeder. There were some issues with the seeds and Seedsman took care of it no problem. Of course my friend took my advice and started some of the awesome(see the blog) freebie Blueberry seeds that they had gotten with their order.

Over the years I have learned quite a few things. First and foremost, I may have been doing this for a while but that doesn’t mean I know everything. I am learning every day. I am an indoor soil grower, so if you ask me about outdoor or hydro, or coco, I will tell you what I have learned but also tell you I have no experience in it. Most likely I will refer you to someone that knows more. Trust the old timers, they know a thing or two, because they have seen a thing or two. We are farmers. I have been waiting to use that bad joke for so long. You will know who doesn’t know when they give you advice that is absolute. There are too many variables to always be certain. If you ask my opinion I’ll probably give you three answers. 1. What is considered the right way 2. The wrong way 3. The way I do it.

Enough about me. I’m off to write a blog or two for first time growers. I will add more later I’m sure.

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