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    Vivosun 4×4 tent

    (2) Volt VL-1 440w fixtures

    6″ fan with carbon filter

    8″ oscillating clip fan

    7 gallon grow bags with Michigan mediums soil

    Seeds were placed in paper towels this morning 7/28/21. 

    My first round will be (2) Phat Crack and (2) Funeral Cake.

    Phat Crack leans sativa around 65/35 (Donnie Burger X Green Crack) great focused energetic buzz.

    Funeral Cake (Strawberry Banana Sherbet X Ice Crean Cake) is around 70/30 Indica and turns out a very dark purple. I’m guessing this strain will turn out having a very heavy indica buzz and be great eye candy.

    Phat Crack and Funeral Cake



    Those are some beautiful nugs.


    Welcome back after 25 years. How’s it feel to be legal?


    I am still pinching myself. With what is available in LED lighting and seed genetics, I am like a kid in a candy store.


    Yeah, its crazy with seed genetics.   A lot of unknown companies popping up all over.


    LED lights are the same.  Lots of odd names all over Amazon with wattage claims that are out there.


    I started growing about 5 years ago and made a few mistakes but seeds I’ve been good on.


    I currently have 4 tents up. 3 running.  A 30×30 for seedlings and clones and two 2×4 tents for veg and flower.

    Lights. I have an old mars 300 in the little tent, 4 qb120s in the veg tent, and 2 qb96s in the flower tent.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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