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    HarryHarry Buffalo

    Hey guys I’m curious how those of you who still work at a company with testing in place are going to handle things after July 1, especially if you have a medical card and will now have those extra protections in place unless found to be using at the workplace. What will you do if you get hit with a random piss ticket? Are you talking to HR pre-emptively? Do you think your company will cave to the protections or just find another reason to weed you out and claim it’s u related if the testing company doesn’t keep your prescribed use off of the reports. Thanks!

    ScottyScotty Pimpin

    Can my employer still drug test me?

    In short, yes. While there are some employment protections for those with valid medical marijuana cards, there are still prohibitions against work impairment, as well as possession and or use at the workplace. For recreational users, Virginia remains an at-will employment state. Employers can still drug test and even terminate employment for marijuana use. While work policies may become more lenient over time in light of news laws, for example dropping marijuana from the panel of drugs tested, there is no guarantee.

    HarryHarry Buffalo

    Yep that’s what we already know. My questions are more about how individuals here are going to work within that structure. Yes medical has a protection in place but we all know employers can be crafty and there’s the risk of them having a personal problem with the laws and finding another more legitimate reason to let someone go, and this being a right to work state there’s really no reason needed. They just legally can’t tie it to medical marijuana usage. Curious how people are handling that risk, especially with employers who are not coming out and sharing any changes to their policies regarding the law changes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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