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    HarryHarry Buffalo

    Anyone with a medical use that is comfortable with sharing,  I would love to hear what you are treating and what you notice the effects to be.  I’ll start: my prescription is for chronic pain and I find that a small amount of medication provides a kind of shielded feeling in the pain areas where I can still detect that somethings there but it just doesn’t bother me.  How about you?

    ScottyScotty Pimpin

    My reasons are non-pain related, but it does help me significantly, unlike medications.  Gone through probably as dozen different pills, and still on various combinations, but cannabis has always been the one thing to help.


    I have cancer.  My body hurts, I have trouble eating most days, and trouble with sleeping, be it falling asleep or sleeping too much.  I prefer just smoking, which helps, but sometimes the thought of smoking is just off-putting.  When this happens, gummies are made and sometimes I’m able to tolerate food.

    ScottyScotty Pimpin

    Sorry to hear that @daydreamingalice

    Hope it’s able to help you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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