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    Can someone breakdown the best nutrients and feed schedule for Autos?


    There really isn’t just one best.

    You have breeder and strain differences
    The your grow medium, soil, hydro, coco?
    Do you want to be organic?

    But if you like it simple like me and grow in soil. I use fox farms ocean forest soil with 25% more perlite added. Then I use the fox farms trio of nutrients. They give a guide on feeding, but it is recommended that you start at half strength and see how the plant reacts. Then increase as it grows.

    I know that isn’t 100% the simplest answer but if your just starting learning it gets you started until you feel real comfortable reading your plants needs.


    I’m learning that you are not feeding the plant as much as your feeding the ecosystem in the soil that feeds the plant. Not to say that if your soil is lacking you must put in nutrients. If your soil is a living soil you will just water. If you run into problems then you would add ammendments.


    So I’m starting with fox farms ocean, in 5 gallon fabric pot, a Mars hydro fce 3000, 3×3 grow tent, ac infinity 6” inline, and a few small air circulation fans…the strain is good shit auto from seed mans…I think I have my general run mapped out…I’m struggling to decide what nutrients to go with…this will be my first ever grow so I’m sure there will be things to learn, but I would like a good showing for something I’ve been waiting for, for 25 years…any kind direction with nutrients would be appreciated


    I have used fox farms trio for the past 5 years. If you look at my Instagram openbookcloseddoors you can see the results I get.

    The other nutrients I have added to my collection are from

    They have a sample pack that was $65 shipped to me. I haven’t used them yet though. I’ll send the guys from discord over here for additional input on their plans.

    ScottyScotty Pimpin

    I’ve got the same setup, except the lights. Starting about week 3/4 I’m doing the FF nutes trio at 1/2 strength to see how the plants take it. Then I’m doing sledgehammer flushes as she flowers and at the end.

    Growing autos, FFOF soil, fabric pots, etc. etc.

    ScottyScotty Pimpin

    You guys also on our discord?

    ScottyScotty Pimpin


    MtJr I have the exact same set up and I’m using FF Ocean Forest for my media…going to add some more perlite I think, and using Gaia Green organic slow release nutes, little expensive for shipping to the US but I’ll be able to give feedback on those nutes asap as as well.


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