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    Does anyone know exactly what the rules say about growing your plants outdoors? Like what if neighbor kids pull from your legal plants when you’re not hone and get in trouble and tracked back to the source, is that your responsibility since you were stolen from?

    HarryHarry Buffalo

    Bump because I’m interested in the answers to this also


    Some articles say it must be hidden from view of the street and some say hidden from view of neighbors.

    I imagine outdoor grows are intended to be done in a greenhouse.

    They also say you must have reasonable security to prevent underage access.


    They may not be grown in front yards and must be grown inside or in your back yard out of site with no access (think fenced in) to the general public and all plants must be tagged.

    ScottyScotty Pimpin

    I think it’s pretty much “out of site, out of mind” or something.  At least the way I read it.  Anyone notice odor isn’t mentioned anywhere?  So your neighbor can’t complain to the cops, because if they did there isn’t anything police would enforce on smell alone, correct?


    Looking to get some old school, super skunky, super Stankey strains, just for my outdoor grows! Lol, kidding. Well, at least about the neighbors. I take it as if they see it from their yard or window, it’s still legit, as that is out of the ‘public’ eye.

    ScottyScotty Pimpin

    Wonder what kind of issues people will have with it

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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