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    Let me know if this plan sounds good.

    So far, I germinated five seeds between moist paper towels, then transferred them to 4″ pots which are resting on my window sill.  Eventually, I plan to put them onto my balcony.  I have a few questions:

    1. While the plants are inside, should I put them under a grow light?  If so, how many hours of light / day?

    2. When should I transfer them outside?

    ScottyScotty Pimpin

    Hey man – You’re doing 5 plants on a balcony?


    A lot depends on how much sun they are getting in the current location.

    Are they auto plants?

    If they are photo then you have from now till October to get the most out of them.  I definitely want to follow along.

    Going from indoor to outdoor you usually go through a process of sun hardening the plants.  I don’t have a link handy as I’m mobile but basically direct sun on seedlings can be rough and you want to ease into it.  You’re starting with sun light through the window but still filtering some UV through the glass.

    Start by giving them an hour or two  outside when you can.  Build up their strength.

    If the balcony faces south you should be getting enough hours of lite to be fine.


    @scotty – I sprouted five seedlings, I assume at least one will be male and I’ll kill it.  Or if I need to put them outside before I can sex them, I’ll just give a plant or two to my neighbor.  Either way, I will have no more than 4 on my balcony.

    @openbook – thanks for the tips about hardening off.  Google found lots of resources about that.  Yeah, south balcony.

    I’m a little worried about what the squirrels will do to my babies.  Suggestions?


    If squirrels are an issue a chicken wire cage would keep them away a little. Depending on how big they get.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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