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    Welcome to the board.   Seems the world has gotten away from forums a little.  Most of us hang out on discord currently.

    Here is the invite link.  Discord and be run on pc and as a phone app.


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    I currently have 4 tents up. 3 running.  A 30×30 for seedlings and clones and two 2×4 tents for veg and flower.

    Lights. I have an old mars 300 in the little tent, 4 qb120s in the veg tent, and 2 qb96s in the flower tent.

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    Yeah, its crazy with seed genetics.   A lot of unknown companies popping up all over.


    LED lights are the same.  Lots of odd names all over Amazon with wattage claims that are out there.


    I started growing about 5 years ago and made a few mistakes but seeds I’ve been good on.

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    Those are some beautiful nugs.


    Welcome back after 25 years. How’s it feel to be legal?

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    If squirrels are an issue a chicken wire cage would keep them away a little. Depending on how big they get.

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    A lot depends on how much sun they are getting in the current location.

    Are they auto plants?

    If they are photo then you have from now till October to get the most out of them.  I definitely want to follow along.

    Going from indoor to outdoor you usually go through a process of sun hardening the plants.  I don’t have a link handy as I’m mobile but basically direct sun on seedlings can be rough and you want to ease into it.  You’re starting with sun light through the window but still filtering some UV through the glass.

    Start by giving them an hour or two  outside when you can.  Build up their strength.

    If the balcony faces south you should be getting enough hours of lite to be fine.

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    What breeder and strain did you get?


    I’m a seedsman fan boy.  But there are a lot of reputable breeders out there.

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    As far as my experience has taught me.   Seed size shape and color are not indicators. There was a study on the ends if them meaning something but the accuracy was not 100%


    I recommend buying trusted feminized seeds from a reputable breeder and seed bank.


    As for autos they are controlled by genetics and the seeds should look the same as the rest.


    Did you have old seeds that you wanted to try?

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    General Lee was the dukes of hazard car though…..

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    Its a great rewarding experience.

    When I realized I paid for all my equipment in my first grow it was all worth it.

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    Always testing

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    I have used fox farms trio for the past 5 years. If you look at my Instagram openbookcloseddoors you can see the results I get.

    The other nutrients I have added to my collection are from

    They have a sample pack that was $65 shipped to me. I haven’t used them yet though. I’ll send the guys from discord over here for additional input on their plans.

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    There really isn’t just one best.

    You have breeder and strain differences
    The your grow medium, soil, hydro, coco?
    Do you want to be organic?

    But if you like it simple like me and grow in soil. I use fox farms ocean forest soil with 25% more perlite added. Then I use the fox farms trio of nutrients. They give a guide on feeding, but it is recommended that you start at half strength and see how the plant reacts. Then increase as it grows.

    I know that isn’t 100% the simplest answer but if your just starting learning it gets you started until you feel real comfortable reading your plants needs.

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