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A brief cannabis review from both medical and recreational marijuana found within DC/VA.

Welcome to Scotty’s Pimps! You’re here on a journey with me as I re-introduce myself to cannabis after years of abstinence. This sesh has me checking out a 4th of July special, the Grill and Chill package. This package includes edibles, something I’ve tried for the first time.

This Week’s Pimp: Melon Cake (24% THC) and Gemstones (10mg).

Gifted Curators
2469 18th St NW, Adams Morgan, Washington D.C.
(202) 230-8516

For the July 4th weekend I picked up a special that Gifted Curators had, which consisted of two (2) 3.5g jars and two (2) jars of Gemstones gummies (150mg). They had a $130 special, but I was able to use a discount code online (URBANAROMA) or 15% off my order, for a total of $110. Leaving them a review online nets you a free pre-roll on every visit.

It came in typical eights’ containers with a psychedelic label that needs to be seen to be understood. Weighed in at 3.6g. I cracked open the jars. No real smell, just the standard weed smell with some hints of both sour and fruity. The gummies had a nice sugar cookie smell with a gross aftertaste (more on that later). I’m not sure if that’s normal with THC gummies.

I smoked a few 1/4g bowls and the effects kicked in quickly. It’s definitely a body high. I literally couldn’t move for a bit, awesome! Super quick hitting couch lock. Perfect for watching a movie or chilling. You could definitely play Call of Duty using Melon Cake. Used it throughout the day and loved it. The next morning was a ‘wake and bake’ with four rips to start my day. Wow, the couch lock was instant. I could see people using this strain for things like relieving pain, easing anxiety, etc.

The gummies were a unique experience. 10mg pieces did virtually nothing. I worked my way up and by the time I was done with the gummies I was up to 40mg a dose. At the 40mg dose I was beginning to feel the effects and it was nice, but I can see how some wouldn’t like edibles. It’s definitely a different kind of high. I think I’d like to try 50mg+ on my next use.

All in all, a very enjoyable experience on both accounts.

Rating: 95 buds. Strong couch lock; Very faint fruity/sour-ish smell; smooth smoke; very pleasant anti-anxiety/paranoia effects.

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