My trip to Sativa Testing Laboratories

This adventure started with wondering how strong these gummies really were after friends had given some feedback.  It was sounding like one gummy didn’t seem very powerful but two hit the spot.

We all wondered how much THC was actually in them.  By the math they could be 10-25 milligrams per.  The tincture was made with 2 ounces of material, mostly bud with a little trim.  This is where the variable came in and threw off the math.

One day in the discord chat for the site we had a visit by Morgan & Brandon from Sativa Testing Laboratories and bombarded them with questions.  Everything from will the DEA kick in my door if I bring in a sample to how much do I have to give up to get a result.

I set up a visit and brought them 6 gummies and 4 grams of popcorn/lower buds(what I call food grade buds).  The results explain why.

The Samples

The flower I took in was Seedsman Blueberry(popcorn buds) and the gummies were mostly made from the blueberry, popcorn buds, and some Peyote Wifi trim.

Here are the samples I took in.

The Results

Below are the results.  First the flower then the gummies.  For the flower test I just did the most basic THC test.  The gummy had to have a full spectrum test done on it because it goes through a different type of test.

Flower results

Flower: 13.67 of a potential 19.50% Not bad at all.

Gummy Results

Gummies: 9.9mg out of an estimated 10 to 25mg,  Good to know.  I’m starting to think the DC gifts don’t have as much as they claim.  Who has some to test?

The Happy Conclusion

See what I did there? 🡅

The flower result was as I expected due to the  buds tested being not the most potent prime buds from the top of the plant.

This explains the Gummies result.  While I expected anywhere from 10mg to 25mg per piece.  I knew to be closer to the high end I would have needed to use the higher quality bud.  The general consensus is that when using trim you should expect about 50% of the THC that the strain is estimated to produce.

Seedsman Blueberry is advertised to be able to produce 19.5% THC.  It isn’t the highest THC strain out there but it is still a very popular strain. 

In the end of it all I had a great time learning about what I was working with and what I had made.  The team at Sativa Testing Laboratories was very welcoming and friendly.  I think they were as excited as I was to test my samples.

I hope you enjoyed the read.  If you want to see something else tested or compared, comment below and I will see what I can do.

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