One man’s trash is another man’s hash

This post is dedicated to a friend(lets call him Bob until I have permission to use a different name) that doesn’t listen to me 100%. That is a good thing as you will see. He has done things differently than I and has come up with good results. He learns from me, and I learn from him.

This blog all starts with a “training class” on how to trim. If you have trimmed then you know how glad you are when you have help. Side note, he does a better job trimming than I do. I always want to thank people that help trim with gifts, usually some of the fresh tops.

This time, along with tops Bob had been talking about making hash and wanted to use bubble bags to wash trim. I use my trim in tincture so I wasn’t ready to part with it yet. If you trim then you know that there is good sugar leaf as well as some not so sugar leaf.

When we were all done I asked Bob if he wanted all the junk to run through the bags to see what he could get. Since Bob is learning and doing things I have never done, he was all for running it to see what he could get. I had my doubts…. I was wrong.

I was so wrong in fact that I think Bob should have credit for this blog and not me.

Lets get on to the pictures and the process. Bob started with 5 ounces of wet leaf trim. Keep in mind that this is what I was just going to throw in the trash. Junk trimmings.

This is where Bob tells us which bubble bags he got from Happy Trees, and how he ran the wash. Shameless Amazon affiliate link to the bags to try to pay for the site.

After the wash this is what he had.

Time to let it dry out.

Now I know my description will butcher the process but Bob will be along to correct me and add more detail.

With the hash on the parchment paper he used a wine bottle filled with hot/boiling water to crush and roll out the tricombs. This broke them open and let the resin bind together.

Once worked he was left with waxy sticky resin/hash goo. Bob worked it together into one lump and then worked it with his fingers to create the temple ball that he really desires to have in his collection.

Eventually this came to an end with a ball like this.

Here’s the end result of taking what this grower with 5 years experience thought was trash and working it a little. A 0.54 gram of a hash ball that as I quote “I smoked like 0.1 and wooooo. That is something potent!”

So the next time you are thinking about throwing out trim, put it in a freezer and call Bob. He wants it! I have learned and will continue to learn. Thank you Bob for teaching me something and for sharing it with everyone.

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