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With your registration for the giveaway you’re are also registered for our discussion forums and other site features. Please browse around and post any site suggestions that you would like to see in the sight suggestions forum. We will work hard to create an amazing place for us all to gather and discuss our growing future. -the staff

Discussion Forums

Use these forums to discuss, learn and help with other members as we all grow and become better at what we do.

The Blog

The blog is setup to give a platform for skilled specialists to share with us topics and articles that we can learn from. If you would like to sign up as a contributor please contact OpenBookClosedDoors through their contact page.

Growers Gallery

The Growers Gallery is under construction currently but will soon have a regular feed from our instagram feed and your pictures that are hash tagged. #thegrowerstent

The staff

Supporting Vendors

Our supporting vendors are who keep out page alive and working. Without them we wouldn’t be here. please use these links to shop their sites to help support our site. Thank you from all of the staff that aren’t getting paid to build and maintain the site.

The staff