Size does actually matter

(when choosing a container for your plants)

When you have a small grow area, the logical thought would be the smaller the containers the more plants you can fit in the tent. While this is true, the actual size of the plant and amount of yield produced by the plant will be compromised without enough space. To compare, I grew one Northern Lights auto from Seedsman Seeds in a 2 gallon fabric container and one in a similar 10 gallon container. Sure the 10 gallon takes up way more space but the overall amount of cannabis it is producing makes up for the amount of space lost in the tent. I can confidently say that I will never use a smaller container again. The yields harvested from my 10 gallon fabric pots are double, if not triple, that of the 2 gallon container. A small grow space does not necessarily mean you can’t grow a decent amount of cannabis! Buy the larger container for your plants, and they will thank you for the extra room you awarded them for their roots to grow!

– DutchGirlGrows

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