Smoke Report: Black Sugar

Reviewed by: 804grower
Strain: Black Sugar by Seedsman
Consumption Method: arizer solo II vaporizer
Terpenes: funky fruit still not smelling the garbage smell but hay is gone after a bit longer “cure”*(poor cure is definitely my fault – OBCD)
325° soapy flavor no real vapor
345° nothing really stands out
360° start getting significant vapor bubblegum flavor like the end of a stick of juicy fruit gum that is almost out of flavor
365° still getting an almost end of a stick of juicy fruit except it’s getting a bit more dry some might describe the dryness as perhaps earthy
Effects: dry mouth, kinda tired, and relaxed
Comments: with people describing her like rotting garbage was not expecting to like this strain, but it turned out alright with a surprise bubblegum type flavor, very relaxing leaning on sedative really start to feel it 10-15 minutes after smoking mildly at like 5 mins

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