Stages of Growth – Flowering

Flowering: the most exciting and seemingly the longest stage. I cannot repeat this next line enough. As stated by much wiser growers than me: Wait equals weight!

I’ll be speaking on photo plants as that is what I know best and prefer. Once you change your light schedule to 12/12 (12 hours on, 12 hours off) the plant will begin its stretch. During this period the plant can double in height.

Because of this I recommend deciding on a single strain and mastering it before branching out to several different ones. One strain may stretch 6-8 inches, and some can stretch 12-14 inches. You will want to train your plant and be ready for this part of the stage so you don’t run out of room in your tent quickly.

Before the stretch
After the stretch

The stretch will go on for the first week or two into flowering, and as it comes to an end you will see the buds starting to form. Tiny at first but very beautiful. White hairs bursting out like some crazy clown wig. Go ahead take lots of pictures and share them all. We love this stage!

The next exciting part is when the tricombs start to frost on the buds and sugar leaves. These are the indicators of when you will want to harvest. Now is when you want to start getting familiar with inspecting them. Look at the young tricombs closely and you will see that they are mostly clear. This is not the time to harvest, the other indicator is that the buds are tiny and barely formed. Resist the temptation, I know you can!

For the Seedsman blueberry the buds will grow an additional 30-50% in the final weeks. Did somebody say wait equals weight?

This is the point that seems to take the longest. You are so ready to try it yet there is still so far to go. Sometimes it even seems like the plant stalls and isn’t growing at all. just keep up with the feedings and watering and the rewards will be great.

If the breeder notes on the strain call for 75 day flowering, then in the last weeks is when you want to flush the soil with plain water and/or only give it plain water. This is to reduce excess nutrients in the plant and make for a better end flavor. Opinions vary on if it is necessary.

Keep checking the tricombs, both on the sugar leaves and the buds. You will start to see them change on the leaves first. Those leaves are teaching you what to look for on the buds. They will change from clear to cloudy, then from cloudy to amber.

Your ripe goal will be mostly cloudy with a bit of amber. Rumor has it that the more amber the more sedative/couchlock feeling you will have from your final bud. You will have to decide what you like the most. Feel it out, take notes on the effects. Harvest a little bit early and let the rest develop more so that you can experience the difference for yourself.

There’s no absolute answer on the percent of amber, some say 10% or 20%, but whatever point you choose to harvest will simply be a contributor in how your final product performs, not whether or not it performs. I’m to lazy to count tricombs myself so I just make a rough guess. Sometimes harvest depends on when I can get trimming help too.

With every harvest your finished bud will get better and better as you master your skills and preferences. Take your time, learn new things and try new methods. No one persons advice is absolute. Every plant is a little different. Most importantly, enjoy your grow!

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