What’s that smell?

Let’s take a moment to discuss the odor of indoor growing. These plants smell, even when not flowering. Some people are nose blind to it but I can smell a plant in veg. Let’s discuss setup and use of an odor control plan.

The #1 item I suggest buying and having around is this:

Ona Gel

Not without warnings though. Do not use this in your flower area as it can impact the final smell or your buds. I use it in a central area of the house and only open it if I am expecting company that I don’t want to notice the smell.

The other most important item to control the smell is your air filtration setup. Carbon filters and in line fans are the answer. You can find them listed in my recommended equipment post, and I will list them at the end of this page as well.

Lets get started with our setup and tips. You will see that I don’t always do things the right way but I do the best I can in my situation. You may have to do things differently depending on your needs. Now for the basics.

You will need your filter, pre-filter, hang straps/ratchet hangers, inline fan, duct hose, hose clamps, dykes, and a screwdriver.

The flow of air works best if you can keep it in a straight line. Most setups will run it out the right or left port on the tent. I can’t and you will see why later.

You want to lay everything out in the way that you plan for it to be attached to the top of the tent. It is much easier to work on this on the ground than inside the tent. I went ahead and put the pre-filter on the filter while it was down too.

I set up the ratchet hangers to support the weight of the fan and put the hang straps in place for the filter. Then I cut a short section of hose to join the filter and fan and attached with 1 pair of hose clamps.

Once I raised up and put the filter in place I had to rethink because it hung too low for the light I was putting in. I changed up the ratchet hangers and tightened the filter straps and was good to go.

I ran my exhaust hose into the tent from the top and down to the fan and attached it with one hose clamp. The exhaust hose can then be run to an attic or out a window. If you go to the attic you have to keep in mind the humidity that you may blow up there in the winter could possibly frost the insulation and cause a moisture issue.

Your fan should pull enough air that the tent should have a sucked in look when completely closed up(except for the intake port)

Pro tip: Use an old filter housing and pre-filter on the intake to block light and to lightly filter the incoming air.

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